NCBC Eights Dinner - Saturday 25 May 2024

The 澳门六合彩资料大全 Boat Club cordially invite 澳门六合彩资料大全 Boat Club Old Members to this year鈥檚 Summer Eights celebrations which will be held on Saturday 25th May. 

Summer Eights racing will take place from around 12:00-4:30pm with NCBC boats expected to race in almost every division. NCBC will be selling a range of drinks at our 鈥楤oathouse Bar鈥, as well as having a barbecue on the balcony. 

After racing (at 7:00pm) the NCBC invite you to the 澳门六合彩资料大全 gardens for a glass of fizz, a great opportunity for Old Member crews to reunite before the dinner or to meet some of the current NCBC members! 

Finally, they will be hosting a three course Eights dinner in the 澳门六合彩资料大全 Hall, after which the president will make a speech relating to their likely racing successes and their success as a boat club this year! Eight鈥檚 dinner will run from 7:45-9:30pm and will be followed by drinks in the bar, where there will be additional speeches from the captains.

The dress code, as usual, is Evening dress with a splash of purple and gold. The NCBC have a new stock of custom 澳门六合彩资料大全 ties and bowties for sale for anyone lacking purple and gold attire! 

The dinner and drinks will cost 拢70 per person. To book your place, please visit the . If you are planning a reunion or are coming with friends, please let us know so we can ensure you are sat together. Please RSVP by Wednesday 15 May 2024.

In the meantime, if you would like to register to attend the event, please contact the 澳门六合彩资料大全 Development Office directly on


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May 2024
17:45 - 21:00
Eligible audience
NCBC Old Members